The Big Shed needs a lift!

photo shows the steep stairs with Shedders at the bottom
Steep stairs!

Work is now complete in our wonderful new space and we have new members joining weekly.


But... so many of our existing and potential Shedders could do with a bit of help with stairs. It's now becoming a real issue for members with severe mobility issues, and preventing even more people from joining.


We have plans to install a lift in The Big Shed to make the entire space completely accessible to all. That's not something we can build ourselves (sadly).

Last year we entered the Aviva Community fund competition to try and raise the much needed funds for the lift.

Many, many people voted for us to won funding for the lift, and we were very grateful for the support.

Sadly, although we were finalists thanks to your help, we did not win.

BUT...... undeterred we thought we would try again in 2017, and have managed to get through the first round.

So we'll be calling on all our wonderful supporters again this year to vote for us when voting opens later in the year so please watch this space.



This is the video we made to help people vote for us from last year. Once we know whether the voting process is the same, we'll let you all know.