Meet the team

Lots of people help make the Shed happen. 

We have 9 key people who give up a huge amount of their time as volunteers.

We call them 'Shed Heads'.

They all have amazing skills linked to woodwork and carpentry, whether turning, cabinet making, mending, designing, as long as it's wood, they can do something with it.

What they bring is a wealth of knowledge, experience and all kinds of expertise to the project.

Here are their stories, they all did amazing things before they retired and decided to donate some of their precious time to help all our members or 'Shedders' share their love of woodworking and pass on their skills. All have been known to like a cuppa too.


Here are their stories.

Andy Parkins

Andy was apprenticed as a carpenter and joiner and on completion of his apprenticeship worked in the MGM film studios at Elstree/Borehamwood, much of this time in special effects. On leaving MGM he started his own business making custom built furniture until he sold the business in 1991. Then, with his wife Pat, they ran a small Guesthouse /Conference Centre in Westbrook for five years followed by one year in Hotel Management on Jersey. He then became the General Manager for a large estate and Halls of Residents for students in London and ended up the as the Project Manager.


After visiting a Men’s Shed in Perth, Australia, where he saw the great work they were doing he became involved with the embryo Town Shed in Broadstairs and is proud to be a Founder Shed Head. His other interests are local history, railways ( he's a volunteer at Crampton Tower Museum too) and he has a large scale model railway in his garden. 

How he takes his cuppa - White Coffee no sugar.

Bob Girardot

Born & bred in London.
Apprentice Electrical Engineer.
Moved to Thanet in 1973 & married same year.
Two sons, two cats and lots of fish !
Always had in interest in wood, careers advice at school was to train as a woodwork teacher. ( Only subject I was any good at apart from Rugby !) but, my Dad signed papers for an apprenticeship as couldn’t afford to put me through college and said “ You need a proper job “.
Worked in several Middle East countries.
Now retired.
Bottom Bass singer with Thanet Male Voice Choir.
Member of Thanet Wanderers Rugby Club.
Love fishing (freshwater and only when the weather is nice).
Main area of woodworking now is woodturning where I love passing on my limited knowledge to people that have never turned before.
Involved in setting up the Shed since Feb 2014.
Favourite quote “Home is a place you can scratch where it itches”.
Kids often say “ Oh no ! What’s he done/been up to now !”
( We'd like to add that he's awfully found of a Bourbon biscuit)
How he likes his brew - very weak black tea no sugar( in his 'wood effect' mug, so don't go using it...).

Peter Stockwell

Where to start. Pete's full biog coming shortly.

Musician ( banjo a particular pash) boat builder, merchant seaman, Morris Man, shanty singer extraordinaire. Pete's shy, so we'll bring you more of what he's been up to in the past soon...

Basically can he fix it, yes indeed, he can.

His preferred non-alcoholic tipple - White Coffee one sugar.

David Seal

David had multiple jobs over the 60 years of his working life. Even after retirement age he helped his family run a Home for the elderly in The Wirral. Now he has many grand and great grand children too ( they keep me on my toes). He always blames himself for standing too close to Kerry when there was a Town Team community project being painted in the high St. 'If I’d just walked on I would never have been hijacked into being a volunteer'. Passionate about antiques( he ran a restoration business too at one point) with a very particular love of model boats means he has a collection of over 20 .David is our Shed head who doesn’t like woodworking or carpentry. He is our chief publicist locally and if there is a leaflet or poster to be distributed, David's on the case. Just goes to show that non-woodworking skills and enthusiasm have just as important a role to play in Shed life. He won’t like us telling you but he is 82 and has all his own hair.

David's first coffee of the day ( White, no sugar)  is normally about 4.30 a.m.

Bill Lott

Originally from Maidstone. He’s the Shed’s Bionic Man ‘Had so many accidents, am held together by stitches’ Loves Sport, and when pushed on which ones, ‘Anything with a ball’ Lover of music, particularly R&B, but will give most things a listen.


All his working life, Bill was involved in the building Industry. Bill knows how to do most stuff, much to the delight and benefit of the Shed. Always laughing too. Speciailsed in refurbishment projects, and worked mostly in 'Sarf' London. Bill has 6 children, who keep him on his toes. His Desert Island Dish would be Chicken Madras. Fave biscuit – much to the amusement of the others is apparently a Lemon Puff.

Bill is strictly a Tea - white with no sugar man.

Jim Brooke

Jim’s former jobs ( and there have been many apparently) include him having been a Mortician. ( When he told us that Bob of course needed to add ‘but it was a dead-end job’) Jim also likes his sport and another former profession as a young chap was that he played football for Bromley Wanderers.


Jim’s passion in the world of wood is making very fine fretwork and he is exceptionally good at that and making furniture too. Think he comes a close second to Bill in the plates somewhere in the body stakes. Jim’s long-suffering wife Mary features quite heavily in day to day friendly banter and Shed Head exchanges at the Shed, but he admits he’s very fond of washing up, so we know Mary turns a blind eye.


When pressed on food matters, Jim says he can’t pick a fave as he will eat anything and everything.

Tea preference - White with a sweetener.

Steve Cawood

Coming soon. He's a busy bee too.

Vic Pallett

Vic's away, but back soon with his biog and background. What we can tell you is that he likes his coffee white with one.

Garry Gillott

From ‘oop north’ originally, then moved to the Midlands( Rugby). As a young ‘un managed to get out of most lessons by playing sport for any team going.

Left at 15 to be a joinery apprentice. Took Higher Building qualifications then trained to be a woodwork teacher, didn’t then fancy it went straight into the building trade. Lasted 9 months. Teaching called.

33 years later took early retirement ‘Got fed up with the paperwork’, including 18 years teaching special Education ‘with fantastic children and staff’. Loves sport. Has supported Tigers for 50 years, passionate about cricket and Archery. Works with local archery for the disabled club locally as coach.

Loves being a ‘Shedhead’ and being part of a group of like-minded people from all walks of life has been a revelation. Says he is ‘having the time of his life’ all he says down to the support and understanding of his loving and VERY tolerant wife Carol.

Claims not to like biscuits, but we don’t believe him.

Tea - white with one for Garry almost always.