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'Nourish and Flourish' programme develops further for 2023

Our 'Nourish and Flourish' programme launched in '22

Some images from our sessions in 2022.

April 2022.


At The Town Shed - the well-being of all our members and their families is uppermost in our mind, always.

Therefore, we want give everyone access to and share information we have with members to support that. So, we want to ensure that they have access to activities to nourish their creative, nutrition and physical needs and also provide to access specialist knowledge and information from respected professionals to ensure everyone can flourish and stay healthy and curious in many ways.


That's why in addition to our core Woodworking, carpentry, metalwork, repair work and community projects, (which will always be at the heart of what we do), we're offering a series of sessions/drop-ins and information talks to compliment and extend the Shed's offer.

Starting in April, and continuing throughout the summer we have a series of talks, taster sessions and drop-ins hosted at The Shed to provide information, support and signposting to other services that members may need to access, but don't necessarily have easy access to.


We've already kicked off with our IT and online support sessions and will be listing all the details and how to book in here as events are confirmed and evolve.


If you, or someone you know would like to know more about any of these sessions please email us here - with details of which session is of interest

April sessions                 Day and Time

IT - smartphone, tablet and working online

Tinitus and hearing issues. Regain Hearing will be taking your questions

- Weds 20th & 27th April 11-12 @ The Shed

- Weds.20th 12-1 @ The Shed

May Sessions

IT - phone, tablet, laptop, safety online, whatever you'd like to know more about

Amanda from East Kent Sight Centre re: eyesight checks and tips

AgeUk offer 'Buddy Box' hot meals for home delivery locally. Free taster session of what they offer

Footcare. Information session and talk re: keeping your feet happy and healthy

- Weds. 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th 11-1 @ The Shed

- Tues. 10th May 11-12.00 @ The Shed

- Thurs 12th May 1.30 @ The Shed

- Thursday, 19th May @10.30 @ The Shed

June programme

Keep your teeth healthy. Joanne, an oral practitioner will give a short talk and answer questions you may have.

Art Taster. Try assorted forms of Art with us, drawing, painting, printmaking - you help us decide the rest of the course

- Weds, 1st June 11-12.30 @ The Shed

1st of 8 week course. Thursday, 9th June 11.00 - 1.00pm