Help Raise the Roof for The Shed

Broadstairs Town Shed was established in 2014 and has gone from strength to strength since.  From 6 men in a Shed we’re now 13 ‘Shed Heads’, the managers and mentors, with 170 Shedders providing a thriving and expanding asset to our community in East Kent.


After being gifted The Shed, by our incredible Patron, our talented Shed Heads have skillfully turned a large, empty, old industrial space into a thriving community center with bespoke facilities. We have multi-levels, with wheelchair lift,  admin areas, large woodworking workshop, a lathe room with 8 lathes, metal & CNC workshops, kitchen, dining and a large breakout activity and wellbeing space. This has given The Shed the opportunity to both sustain our core workshop offer for members yet evolve to support changing needs, demands and be sustainable for our community. Inspirational teamwork, passion and community spirit, is so evident in our amazing space.


We always find a way to overcome any obstacle: even creating a purpose built bench and enclosure for Rufus, the Guide Dog, to accompany his partially sighted owner to allow him the opportunity to enjoy the tactile joy of woodworking.


Yet, there’s one hurdle that’s too great even for our amazing volunteers: our roof!  Over the past 6 years our Shedders have filled, patched and repaired, where possible, this old Victorian Tram Shed roof. Nevertheless,  without a new roof The Shed’s future is far from secure and works to replace, within the next year, is critical before the existing structure is impacted further. A new roof will also allow us the opportunity to install much needed insulation to help keep us a little warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and ensure The Shed remains an innovative and growing heart of this community. 

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